James Clark Ross — 2008

Countries involved

James Clark Ross
James Clark Ross
Photo: Chris Littlehales

United Kingdom


Late season 2008


Weddell Sea

Project description

Integrated Analyses of Circumpolar Climate Interactions and Ecosystem Dynamics (ICCED) in the Southern Ocean — IPY. This project is an international collaborative initiative to develop and coordinate integrated interdisciplinary analyses of the dynamics of circumpolar ecosystems in relation to biogeographical cycles of climate.

Gear description

Requires existing datasets of analysis by scientists in a wide range of countries. Studies the influence of sea ice and sea-ice algae on the winter distribution and abundance to Antarctic krill of East Antarctica. Requires ice-breaking research vessel and autosub.


This voyage is linked to project #417 and 949 of the International Polar Year (IPY). For more information, see the IPY website: http://www.ipy.org

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