James Clark Ross — early 2008

James Clark Ross
James Clark Ross
Photo: Chris Littlehales


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19 February 2008 — 10 April 2008


Bellingshausen and Amundsen Seas

Project description

This project is part of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) program known as BIOFLAME (Biodiversity, Function, Limits and Adaption from Molecules to Ecosystems). This particular project is known as BIOPEARL (BIOdiversity dynamics: Phylogeography, Evolution And Radiation of Life). It will study the phylogeography, radiation and evolution in terrestrial and marine Antarctic fauna. One of the project aims is to determine the role of Antarctica (and extreme environments in general) in the evolution of global marine biodiversity.

Gear description

Requires Agassiz trawls, epibenthic seldges, and Rauschert dredges. Box core samples will also be taken.

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This voyage is linked to the International Polar Year (IPY).

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